Canes, Paddles, Tawse, Birches


ID Cat No. Image Title In stock Active  
104 leather tawse Leather tawse Y Y
110 stainless steel cane Stainless steel cane Y Y
114 the strop the strop Y Y
30 6-8mm Dragon cane Standard Dragon Cane Y Y
31 short dragon cane Short Dragon Cane Y Y
49 natural birches natural birches Y Y
28 Delrin canes Delrin canes Y Y
25 PTFE canes PTFE Cane Y Y
33 Junior Acetal Cane Acetal Cane Y Y
32 2mm X 50cm glass fibre Fine coated glass fibre cane Y Y
34 Acetal Birch Acetal Birch Y Y
43 English bridle leather Crop style paddle Y Y
29 Crop style flogger Crop style flogger Y Y
26 carpet beater loop Carpet beater loop Y Y
24 short Sjambok Short Sjambok Y Y
55 The strap The strap Y Y
50 12" tawse 12" tawse Y Y
68 leather paddle leather paddle Y Y
35 Deluxe Dragon Cane Deluxe Dragon Cane Y N